Playing with Time – Part 2 (and the saga continues)

I just backed up and deleted files from my laptop.  I kept getting those annoying messages that my memory was almost full.  Like a need a pop-up to tell me that!

I got to thinking: wouldn’t it be great if I could back-up or copy onto an outside jump drive the flying monkeys in my head?-  “Oreo” – After all the witch says she wants the girl alive and unharmed.

Insights from Martha Beck: “Our clocks, our calendars, our associations drive us like overburdened pack mules from one hurried task to another. Right now, if I let myself worry about the amount of work I think I must do this very day, I will topple off the tightrope of inner peace and into a full-on panic. I suspect the same may be true of you—if not today, then soon. One of the most essential tasks for living a life of purpose and joy is to command your time, rather than let it command you.”   Command your time…Insight from Martha

What a concept, heh? Commanding your time rather than letting it command you.

Planner Pads save my life consistently. With categories at the top holding lists (Ah, ha! Something I can check off as I get it DONE!!!) and appointment times at the bottom containing commitments, the middle holds my promises to others and myself. IF something doesn’t get DONE this week, then it goes over onto the next week but most often with a STAR indicating urgency.

This lead me to think to check in mid-month this November 15th (BTW: 33 years ago today I started working for Taylor calling on schools with Ken Thornberry), to see how I am doing.  Seth Godin blogged about 

Your progress report

“I’m not sure we need to see a checklist of what you got done last week. What we really need:

  • a. the difficult questions that remain unanswered
  • b. the long-term goals where you don’t feel like progress is being made
  • c. risky, generous acts that worked

Even more important: All the things that aren’t on your list, but could be.”

But I LIKE to check things off, whines this Check-off Chick. I also sync my Google Calendar with my phone and IF they are still talking to each other (sometimes I find they don’t) I can set timers to keep me on track. LOVE that feature. It plays nicely with my admonition to drive no faster than 75. I’m getting 44 – 45 MPG and still most often staying on time. That remains an issue for me (both the speeding and the being on time) but they’re both at the front of my mind constantly.

  • The difficult question, Seth, that remains unanswered is why I keep behaving badly when it comes to procrastination?  I know better – I TEACH this stuff, for heaven’s sake.
  • The Long-term goal is just that: to stay focused on keeping the main thing, the main thing.
  • And as to risky, generous acts that worked, I figure that’s my adventure with Infusionsoft, don’t you?

But when it comes to those things that are not on my list but should be: mmmm, now that’s a question for another day.

Being mindful of Time. You can do it. I can do it (Shut up, you crazy monkeys!). Who knew?


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