Yipes – tomorrow’s December 1!!!!!

Here we go again – we plunge right from the gratitudes of Thanksgiving (sometimes with its own stressful challenges also known as ‘family’) right into the crush of Christmas.

Time to say “Whoa there, Nellie” – let’s take a breath.

Yes, this is me, the often pushed-to-be-everything-to-everyone woman. Funny how God – The Universe – Someone who knows better than I (take your pick) bangs me over the head from time to time and YELLS at me “Hey! Stop! Now!

This time it is a POWERFUL COMMAND:  I have a torn something-or-other in my previously-teflon-coated right shoulder.

  1. I think I did it to myself.
  2. I think I did it trying TOO HARD in Pilates about seven weeks ago.
  3. And now I think I’m bordering on the edge of SHEER PANIC!

After all, there are only 24 days before you-know-what and no matter how calm, cool, collected and in-control I want to appear, inside my monkeys are taking over the zoo.

Not only are there only three weeks to gift-give to customers, last year I started the Christmas count-down with a gift each day for each of my four grandchildren. That means three boxes with 24 wrapped presents in each to California that would have to go out today, FedEx, Overnight! And another dropped off tomorrow in West Palm. Not happening, she says sadly.

Not only are there 14 days until the home decoration contest judging, but last year we took 2nd place and that tweaked my competitive nerve some. I’ve been collecting my 2015 set up all year long. Not Happening, she says quietly.

For now there are weeks of physical therapy ahead of me following a shot for the bursitis that’s settled in robbing me of mobility and strength and leaving me with no power to face that storage locker by myself. Yes, husband Mr. Jim Macy will help but he isn’t as shall-we-say “motivated” as I am by this Christmas decoration stuff.

And here I still harbored visions of being Super Woman, that dangerous female invented in the 60’s who believed she/we could do anything and everything and do it better than anyone else EVER!

Breathe deeply there, Girl.

So along comes my morning cuppa Martha BeckToday, if you’re confronting an issue for the ten thousandth time, or feeling that your life is going nowhere, or panicking over how little you’ve achieved, stop and breathe. You’re not falling behind on some linear race through time. You’re walking the labyrinth of life. The Labyrinth of Life…Insight from Martha

Is she talking to me? Yes, Ma’am!

So it’s time to REALLY slow down and take a great big gulping whiff of those roses (yes, I have to buy them and plant them first but that’s what a husband is for, right?)

Seth Godin led me to a blog from Jennifer Louden this week:  You want to be a better writer, parent, business person? Start by savoring what you are doing.

YES, I DO! (want to be better at ALL of those things, right now of course)  … and then I stop because there is no back story, no excuse, no if-only here. There’s no BUT, there is only IS.

This December it’s about what’s going to “BE”. This Christmas I will

  1. savor what I am doing,
  2. plan to do what I can do effectively,
  3. and then look to the New Year with a determined heart and a strong right arm.

This December it’s about what’s going to “BE”. This Christmas

  • It’s not going to BE about the gift-giving in an over-the-top way; It’s going to be about the love I share.
  • It’s not going to BE about having our home LOOK the best on the outside, but what’s going on in the inside.
  • AND it’s going to be about trusting that my family, customers and friends will now have the opportunity to give me their understanding.

Who knew? Now I do anyway (I think I did know this before but just ‘forgot’). 



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