‘Tis the season to be _____ (fill in the blank)

Statistics tell us (and I won’t quote them here) that this can be a very sad and depressing time for folks. All of the Ho-Ho-Ho and Mistletoe push their very last button it seems.

Eight days of wonder start tonight for our Jewish friends. We Christians have managed to make this jollyness and gift-buying-and-giving operation start back before Thanksgiving. I’m sure eight days feels like a vacation, but maybe not.

I’ve been fighting off the ‘blues’ myself in recent days, or maybe it’s been weeks. You see, I’ve torn a ligament in the front of my bionic shoulder and the incessant pain, lack of mobility and frustration at not being able to just go to one doctor to get one shot I allowed to make me sad, mad, frustrated, whatever.

Seth Godin wrote this morning in  The joy of whining

 “Before starting, a question: Will it help?

Like holding a grudge, or like panicking, whining rarely helps. If anything, any of the three make it far less likely that you’ll make progress solving the problem that has presented itself.

And, like knuckle cracking, it’s best enjoyed alone.”

Clever, thought I, but being a bonified, certifiable Do-er, I associated it to the way I was Be-ing about not being able to DO.

  • (whine) I couldn’t go to the storage locker to get the boxes of decorations out because I can even open the sliding door.
  • (whine) Then I wouldn’t be able to put them up anyway because I can’t raise my arm up above my head.
  • Then … well, you get the sad picture. (and no one was passing cheese and crackers out with all the whine!)

All this foolishness while watching real tragedy unfold on TV – that made me feel pretty selfish and that made me feel even sadder.

But then I asked for HELP!  HELP, I whined to Jim Macy. I need your help.

Because I have years of training at this stuff (coaching, not whining, although maybe that, too) I asked Jim what he would be willing to do. Turns out to be quite a bit: He packed up the boxes of Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations and loaded them into his SUV on Friday (without my asking). He drove me out to the storage facility and unpacked and repacked it on Saturday (with me giving directions – and many of you know how irritating THAT can be!). I couldn’t get to everything but we did manage three boxes of ornaments and will have three trees not the 14 I had been planning for my Bambi-like forest for the decorations contest.

On Sunday we put them up:

  1. one in the kitchen with my cooking thing-a-ma-jigs;
  2. one in the great room with our tropical Santas, snowmen and flamingo ornaments;
  3. and the last one out on the porch. It will eventually hold all of our golfing and more durable outdoor glitz.

Tonight we will string lights across the roofline (well, Jim will and I’ll watch!)

Yes, my arm hurt me all night and kept me awake. But, Golly-Gee, it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. And my spirit is made bright.

All I had to do is ASK for help. Who knew? Now I do.

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