Happy? Smiling! Focused? On it! Confused? Nope!

Just a quick note before I hop into Ms. M (now 10 years old with 238K+ on her odometer) and head to points South. Going to visit my children’s alma mater St. Mark’s Episcopal in Ft Lauderdale this afternoon. Always love doing that!

As I was packing up my stuff and did my last email check, I found this from Martha Beck. Oprah’s life coach:

You don’t cope with change by becoming indifferent to it. You learn to follow the flow, do-without-doing, fully experience surprise, tragedy, delight, and wonder as they come your way. In practical terms, this means not overburdening yourself with so much doing that you have no time to be. It means striking a balance between earning and enjoying, company and solitude, effort and rest.  from Finding Your Own North Star:
Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live

Seems spot on this morning; I built my To-Do List, selected my five priorities and I felt a bit overwhelmed. I’m taking Martha’s advice and

  1. going with the flow,
  2. making my list and yes, I’m checking it twice (at least)
  3. delighting in my 5+ hours of driving while listening to Christmas music.

Bet there are several of you who would trade with me, despite the fact that there are 25 (counted them again just to be sure) actions that I MUST take by Friday morning.

In striking that balance, I’m going to

  • enjoy the gorgeous Florida weather (it’s going into the 80’s again today),
  • sing my heart out with the windows shut and
  • be focused to enjoy seeing Devin, Alene and Kelly at my three Fort Lauderdale schools.

Happy last week of school before Christmas Break, teachers!

Enjoy making five-point lists for each day and then gettin’ ‘it’ done, everyone! (More on that later).

And more to the point – have a great week!

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