And so this is Christmas (2015 style)

The tree is decorated; the shopping is done (well, nearly so) and it might just be time to take a breath. Right?

Seems to me that there ought to be a STOP button here somewhere … maybe I’ll just hunt around for PAUSE.

As I finish my last-minute hustle to get those packages to FedEx this afternoon so that my little ones in CA get their gifts, I get it that this is the PAUSE that refreshes. The reason for the season reminds me of all that we have for which to be thankful:

  • reasonably good health (and a health system available for when it’s not so good);
  • beautiful weather and a hometown pretty darn near to Paradise;
  • a happy family group that is not THAT much more dysfunctional than the norm (whatever that is);
  • a country that, for all its short-comings, offers opportunity and possibilities for all;
  • a bright future ahead in 2016 filled with positive energy, loving friendships and joyous success both at work and at play (while I also look back on 2015 to appreciate my long-time, beloved friendships and then the amazing new people that have come into my life … truly incredible!)

So Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, or Joyous Quanza … whatever fits, take it off the shelf, try it on for size and then ENJOY the moment for its blessings. Ahhhh, there’s the PAUSE button (click) …

Who knew? 

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