As 2015 comes to an end …

Happy last week of the year: here’s my overview from a personal perspective as I take stock of what I accomplished (next I’ll take a look at what I didn’t and make some choices).

Maybe you can send me a summary of your year in return (????)

Seth Godin reminds us in his December 19th blog that

  • The world around us is uneven, unfair and yes, absolutely, over-the-top amazing. 
  • Boring is an attitude, not the truth.
  • Possibility is where you decide it is.

While this might feel like something to be written on January 1, it struck me that it’s a big piece of looking back so we can evaluate as we count down the days:

  • what we did (for sure),
  • where we are (most definitely)
  • but also where we didn’t catch a possibility (so we don’t miss the next time).

This would allow us to design our 2016 based on real information and not pie-in-the-sky hopes. We could set REAL goals

  • some that for-sure attainments
  • some that are a leap
  • and some that were and are a BIG stretch.

Starting with the ‘easier’ category, my yearbook goals were spot-on attainments and I take great pride in that. I reached by Business Plan for number of accounts and my dollar volume is where I thought it would be. Going to ‘work’ each morning is more like setting out to help friends. What joy there is in this 33-year-old career of building relationships. Scholastically, The University of Miami 2015 book was just named in the Top Four in the nation by Columbia (University) Scholastic Press. (!) And so many other schools have ground-breaking editions that bravely break the mold of traditional yearbooking.

Building on a second phase of publishing after attending a Women’s Prosperity Network Level Up! weekend in Ft. Lauderdale in June became part of a giant leap. I hired a business coach, subscribed to a series of workshops, phone conferences and webinars and spent my summer researching additional publishing venues. I joined the Melbourne Regional Chamber of Commerce, spoke at a monthly Chamber breakfast and participated in Women of Excellence monthly meetings and a workshop. The payoffs are coming in, maybe not as quickly as I had anticipated but they are in the mix.

And my BIG STRETCH is becoming a Chapter Director for Guerrilla Marketing. It takes time (hourly training at 9PM EST, reading chapters in Jay Conrad Levninson’s books and making a huge financial investment) but I can see a turn-around in my thinking. What worked 30 years ago will probably not get the same results in today’s world BUT I am validated by the fact that my relationship and value-driven approach transfers well to my new goals.

I will get to practice patience and understanding as I hold back a bit on the BIG STRETCH in order to be here for Jim Macy as he faces his battle with cancer. Markers will be placed in his prostate on January 6th and then the fight is on.

I can now see how the pieces of my life come together:

  • My hours and hours of Life Coaching – both as a client with the marvelous Kate Crow ( or and as trainer with the Handel Group (Laurie Gerber in particular – HGLC Co-President) and my training for certification at the Life Coaching Alliance with the wonderfully-intuitive Laurie Cameron ( – whew – that’s a lotta hours and mulla – continue to make a difference in my approach to ‘things’ and I believe provide value to my fellow travelers. That training certainly helps me with family.
  • My involvement in Melbourne Alumni Panhellenic and Chi Omega Alumni, and the Brevard Symphony Orchestra South Guild and The Waters Home Owners’ Association and the WPN Melbourne Chapter and the Chamber of Commerce gives back to ME more than I could ever imagine. Such wonder in my life!
  • My time with family: my terrific husband Jim and my 90-year-old mom and my children when we can match our busy schedules. I had a wonderful weekend with both Amy and JT out in California in the spring. Then in September we celebrated Mimi’s birthday in style here in Melbourne Beach and hope to do another such celebration next year in Duxbury, MA. Christmas didn’t include any children or grands but Mimi, Jim and I enjoyed each other’s company appreciatively.
  • My ‘work’ that is much more like play as I visit friends who are also yearbook advisers in South Florida schools with whom I get to be creative.

So that’s me and my 2015. Going forward I will continue my transition from one phase to the other, keeping a finger on the yearbook pulse and jumping further out into the pool for the marketing piece and publishing. AND seeing possibilities in family time and friend time and just ME time!

It’s not necessary to do or have it all (how would I find the time and where would I put it) but I am continually reminded that there are possibilities no matter what your age or situation. The juice comes in picking and choosing carefully.

So while the world around me IS uneven and often unfair, it is utterly amazing what is out there. I have left no time to be bored with anything, ever!  The truth is that while my energy can be annoying, my intentions are good and that is carrying me forward. And I have learned that there are possibilities everywhere you look.  Some I try on and decide they are not right for me (maybe never, maybe some day) and some I grab and stick in my pocket being mindful of my shiny-object syndrome.

Keeping fit in mind and body and spirit I’m ready for 2016 (well, as soon as I clean my office I am!)

Who knew? Now I do – and I hope you do, too.  Happy Happy … look forward to your responses.



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