About Me

In an age of fast-moving technology, a personal approach to service makes Balfour your ideal publishing partner. This is reflected both in our printing plant and in my approach to your project.

My Experience

For the past 33 years I have worked with Taylor rebranded to Balfour. I have conducted journalism labs, leadership breakout sessions and professional etiquette interactive workshops at journalism conferences nationwide. The college, high school and middle school yearbook programs with which I have had the pleasure to work have consistently met their goals; whether it has been to earn top journalism awards or to sell more books or to meet all deadlines, the yearlong experience became one to be enjoyed.

I seek constantly to grow my knowledgebase by attending workshops myself in design, graphics, Adobe products and best practices for project management. This ‘continuing educations’ complements my scholastic work at the University of Miami and the University of Iowa.

Availability to Customers

In 2002, my husband and I moved from Ft. Lauderdale first to Merritt Island and then to the Beach. I travel weekly between two basic geographies: Miami south of downtown and north to Daytona with forays into Orlando and points surrounding.

My practice is to make the next appointment with you as part of each work session; I design this schedule with specific tasks in mind that we will each have accomplished by the next work session together. I count on my clients to keep me informed of their needs and their concerns. In that way we can work together to smooth out the process.

What I Offer

For each of client, I am committed to providing:

• Production, design and computer workshops on an individualized basis

• Layout, copywriting suggestions based on the most current design trends

• Photography expertise, including basic shooting and digital technology

• All production materials necessary to complete your project

• A comprehensive marketing, advertising and merchandising strategy to assist your finances. Balfour will sell the book for you via a website, an 800# and/or direct mailings.

• Regular budget reviews will follow any changes to your initial project.

• Personal inspection of each copy shipment before it is sent to our publishing plant either by FedEx or online is available.

A manufacturing team will handle your publication’s pages from beginning to end. Each team has a close working relationship, ensuring your pages are handled with the highest care for quality and consistency, allowing for quick turnaround of proofs where necessary.

Each client will receive a detailed outline of costs and services in response to individual requests. No project is the same; therefore one-on-one service avoid a cookie-cutter book.