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Playing with Time – Part 2 (and the saga continues)

I just backed up and deleted files from my laptop.  I kept getting those annoying messages that my memory was almost full.  Like a need a pop-up to tell me that! I got to thinking: wouldn’t it be great if I could back-up or copy onto an outside jump drive the flying monkeys in my […] Read more…

Could it be that ‘No’ Does Not Mean ‘No!’ (at least in sales)? – Armand Morin

It takes some time to digest what you learn in a three-day seminar. Day Two of The Guerrilla Marketing Summit influenced my thinking in subtle ways. After the Freakin’ Awesome Nancy Matthews of Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN) taught her “The One” concept (and, by the way, I can never hear that talk enough) Armand Morin took the stage. […] Read more…

The Gift of Time – A Planning Tool