Fine Book Publishing

Your story is amazing, but who knows that?

We believe in the power of the written work, the impact of the perfect picture, the wonder of the magic clip. We believe in the joy of telling how your company or organization got from there to here.

We believe in the story of your journey.

What if you told that story… you told that story in a book with pictures and words and video, all in living color?

How would your people feel? Research shows us that rewarding people, honoring their work, leads to higher morale and that leads to even greater success. By this we learn that greater happiness in the workplace leads to better quality all the way around: in product, in experience, in all of those end results.

You poured your heart and soul into making all of ‘THIS’ work. ‘Your people’ probably have too. Whether it’s your personal or family business that you’ve grown from the seed of a dream or your community or church-based group that you’ve nourished from a mere idea, you have a story to tell.

The rewards of seeing that story in print have been enjoyed by people such as yourself for nearly 100 years after choosing to work with Balfour, an American company through and through. Working in Florida for this Dallas-based company, Marcia has assisted people for the past 35 years, teaching the design process, coaching the content gathering, and managing the timeline for groups such as The United Way of Miami-Dade, the Hollywood Fire Department and most recently the West Palm Beach Fire-Rescue Department.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tell your story that same way?

It’s not as difficult as it might seem. Marcia’s on-site creative assistance and coaching added to Balfour’s customer service on software and technology is a time-tested formula empowering everyone to actually enjoy the process.

You will benefit from a full-service production team, on-line user-friendly software with 800# assistance at no additional cost. Plus you have a choice of the amount of Marcia’s involvement in the project. We can even help you sell and distribute your books!

Balfour publishes books in a wide range of genres including yearbooks, non-fiction histories, how-to’s, children’s literature and coffee table books.

We help companies re-imagine their story by revisiting their history from the inside out. A lot has changed in the years since you started out. It has been the same for Balfour. Originally Taylor Publishing, the three Taylor brothers innovated so that today when we say we are on the cutting edge, we mean that we have just installed two new state-of-the art presses this fall and have already begun integrating them into our workflow. We designed our software in the most future-friendly way possible so that you get the latest in quality and design.

Let us help you show the world who you really are – and get what you want to say – into a book before too many more ‘things’ happen, too many more days pass. The problem with time is that it flies by too quickly and the only way to freeze it is to get it into a book. And then there’s the issue of who tells your story. Will it be you? Or will be someone coming along later to retires your contributions to the whims of mythology (or worse).

“I love this process and cannot see myself ever doing anything other than sharing that experience with others,” Marcia says. “The digital era brings a new dynamic to the printed page; from color presses that duplicate quality images to DVDs that tuck in the back of the book to truly ‘show’ a story in video, it’s a ‘wow’ from start to finish.”

We don’t print books; we tell stories capturing all the details that celebrate your life and your contributions and those of the others who have worked right along side you.

Make your story part of their story. Through interview in local scenarios, using video and sound to make the experience real, we can create the product, your book, to tell your story in the context it deserves.

Would you like more information on how to do this? Contact me today!

Offering fine books for organizations:

  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Country Clubs, Yacht Clubs
  • Bed and Breakfasts Histories
  • Church Histories
  • County and City Histories
  • School and Collector Books
  • Cookbooks
  • Individual Authors
  • Museum and Art Books