Michaek-Bielecki_cropped-squareMike Bielecki, writer, blogger, editor
“Marcia Meskiel-Macy took my concept and turned into a high-quality coffee table book. With an open line of communication, Marcia was with me every step of the way through my maiden book-making experience. Whether it was
providing me with coaching by a Pulitzer Prize-winning designer or making sure I attended appropriate workshops, Marcia pulled out all the stops for me.  I can’t say enough about the quality of her work as a professional or her integrity as a person.”


Randy Stano, Professor of Practice in Journalism and Visual Journalism, Editorial Adviser to the Ibis yearbook and Distraction Magazine
School of Communication, University of Miami

“In answer to the question so often asked as to how we are where we are today:

Marcia is the backbone of our yearbook.  The staff could not make it without her.  She is Mother Superior for advice, criticism, what to do next, how do we handle this, good referee, knows know to listen and knows when to say yes/no.  She is an outstanding asset to the book.  She meets with the core editors (editor-in-chief, managing editor, copy editor, photo editor and design editor) at least every two weeks and sometimes every week in the fall as they start up.  She looks at pages and offers advice, is available by email and cell phone 24/7 and calms my nerves when needed.  She takes/escorts the staff to conferences, workshops and holds work sessions. Plus she keeps us on track with deadline and budget.

So you get the picture.  We could not do any of this without our TPC rep.  Marcia is a gem.  Yes, she is a former student of mine.  I taught her in a two-week adviser workshop back in the summer of 1974  at the University of Iowa when I was a high school newspaper and yearbook adviser teaching journalism at A.N.. McCallum High School in Austin, TX.

We like to say I taught her then and. in 1993, when I came back to yearbooks, she taught me. Now we’re a partnership; sometimes good cop – bad cop, sometime mom and dad, but always working toward what’s best for the book, what’s best for the staff.  This past March we had dinner at Patsy’s in NYC with six “generations” of editors and their significant others, all involved in this award-winning production called the Ibis.”

Gary A. Shiffrin, Merritt Island H.S. Principal

“I have been an educator for over 34 years and have worked along side many outstanding representatives at the four schools at which I have either taught or administrated. I will tell you that there has never been one better than Marcia.  As a school principal, I understand the importance of having a top-notch and high-quality yearbook; it contains all of the memories of the year for our students and our community.  Marcia is the person who makes sure all of this happens. She is a very knowledgeable individual who has years of experience with Taylor. She works very well with our yearbook adviser and all of the students on staff.  She is very accommodating and attempts to work with the school itself to make the printing and delivery of the books successful. We are very please with Taylor Publishing Company in all aspects and, because of Marcia, we at Merritt Island High look forward to many more years of an enjoyable relationship.”

Amy Finney, Adviser
Merritt Island H.S. Islander

“Marcia is our lifeline. Without her, we would be lost. I know that she is always there for me – online, in her car on her cell – and I know I can run anything by her. She keeps us on track and living in the real world – both with helping us develop our design and theme ideas into workable plans and with helping me keep this program on budget.”